Cardioid Sub Arrays

Sub speakers are omnidirectional in sound, which isn't always ideal at your event. Cardioid sub arrays can make a huge difference in making low sound frequiencies reach your audience, without spilling in every direction. Read more here about how this works.

What is a cardioid sub array? Cardioid arrangement of subs are a way of directing the sound from your subs towards your audience and eliminating spill of sound in all other directions. As mentioned, sound waves emitted from subs are omnidirectional (equal in all directions). This means that energy caused by the soundwaves is expelled... Read more »


Becks’ Intern Blog – Week 2

Having previous knowledge of design programs (CAD and SketchUp) I’ve been given the task of testing out my skills on some live projects and venues looked after by PF. Creating accurate plans using these programs in conjunction with Google Earth has been a little challenging, but I’m learning how to combine CAD and OS maps... Read more »


Another PF Intern!

Week one in the PF Events Becks Hemus.

Hello all, I’m Becks and am two weeks into a 6 week internship at PF Events. I’m currently working towards an MA in Stage & Event Management, and my technical knowledge is something I’ve been looking to expand massively: where better to do so than at PF! My first week has been great: Cotton has... Read more »


Video Mapping for your Event

From early beginnings in Disneyland's 1969 Haunted House ride, video mapping has succeeded in capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide.

From early beginnings in Disneyland’s 1969 Haunted House ride, video mapping has succeeded in capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide. Read here about the visual technology that keeps growing in popularity, and how to harness its power at your event! What is Video Mapping? Video Mapping is a method of projecting visuals onto any surface.This... Read more »


PF Events help PHP London celebrate their 10th Anniversary

PF events returned for the third year in a row to provide sound, light and AV for the 10th Annual PHP Conference

There were two days of talks with speakers from all around the world, offering the most up to date PHP information and training, as well as plenty of opportunity for networking and socials. The event was a resounding success with over 700 delegates, sponsors and speakers attending. You can read a detailed case study on... Read more »


Apprentice of the Year

PF Event's very own Alex Flame gets shortlisted for Apprentice of the Year

Alex, 22, began working for PF Events in September 2013 as part of a work placement for unemployed young people. In January 2014 he began a Digital Video Apprenticeship with PF and immediately excelled in the field, showing great talent and passion. He was nominated for the title of Apprentice of the Year at the... Read more »