Hotdesking and shared work space benefits for businesses

We would like to introduce some friends….. Hotdesking and shared work space benefits for businesses

At PF Events HQ we share our workspace with a number of other colleagues and companies and we thought it would be nice to introduce them to our readers. Before we do here are some thoughts on the advantages for companies and their clients of having a shared workspace: – Nurtures a creative and collaborative... Read more »


PF Events – A brief History

PF Events have been in the events business now more than ten years. We thought we would share with you a bit of our history in today’s blog.

PF Events was started in 2004 by Seain Loughlin and Adam Savant to fill a gap in the London festival hire market. We quickly gained clients by offering the hire of live audio equipment and outdoor staging at competitive prices with the excellent services from a team of dedicated technicians, many of whom are still... Read more »