PF go out to Croatia for Outlook and Dimensions Festivals

   The end of August and beginning of September brought some sunny weather to PF's work in the shape of Outlook and Dimensions Festivals. Despite the production company being changed to EnTEEtainment Ltd for 2012, PF were once again selected to supply the audio equipment for The Moat arena. Another change for the 2012 show was the addition of Dimensions Festival, which followed the weekend after Outlook Festival, and unlike Outlook (which focuses on Dubstep), Dimensions focused on the deeper side to electronic music.

   After the glowing feedback PF received for the sound from 2011, the same Noise Control Audio 8-stack time delayed design (with 4 on each side) was implemented for 2012. PF also installed 4 additional sub speakers at the front of the arena to compliment the focus on sub frequencies in dubstep music. The on-stage monitoring consisted of 4x NCA SM15 stage monitors, 1x NCA Asym3P powered full range speaker and 2x NCA VSB215P powered sub speakers. PF also supplied all DJ kit for the stage which included 4x Pioneer CDJ-2000 DJ deck, 1x Pioneer DJM-2000 DJ mixer, 1x Allen & Heath Xone 92 DJ mixer and 4x Technics 1210 turntables.

   In addition to the Moat, PF were also appointed to supply PA's for 2 of the boats which were each running 3 parties daily. Each boat consisted of 2x NCA Asym3 full range speakers, 2x NCA VSB215 sub speakers and 2x NCA Asym2 full range speakers on stands as DJ monitors.