Telegraph launches Spark

Spark is The Telegraph’s new creative commercial department. Where Mad Men meet Math Men. It represents a company-wide commitment to helping brands grow — by supercharging creative ideas with industry-leading data insight.

"The launch of Spark is very exciting for TMG. It takes our strengths in creative branded content and bolsters it with data insight, to produce ideas that are right for brands, right for our readers and right for the Telegraph. This will ensure that the right idea and the right implementation deliver the results clients want every time." 

Matt Cory, managing director of Spark at TMG

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The event was held at B1 Victoria House in Bloomsbury, London and PF Events supplied the lighting, audio and AV equipment for the two rooms of the launch.

The event had some unusual interactive elements dreamt up by the Smart Group Live in partnership with Noodle Live and Bubble Food - guests were given interactive wristbands which created a personal experience throughout the event. The bands were scanned at different touch points to select their preferences for various items - favourite colour, favourite drink etc, in order to create their own personalised 'Brain Art'.