BBC Launch Get Creative at Conway Hall

A major new arts initiative led by the BBC and What Next? launched in February with a series of events and debates across the UK.

The year-long initiative was launched aimed at shining a spotlight on the creativity that happens every day across the UK, in order to show that culture is at the heart of society.

Led by the BBC and cultural engagement and advocacy ‘movement’ What Next?, and in part a response to the findings of the Warwick Commission reporton the future of cultural value, ‘Get Creative’ is also about encouraging more people to participate in creative activities.

The focus will be on encouraging the public to explore the issues relating to the arts in-depth, from the role of the arts in urban and rural communities to what makes a City of Culture.

Speaking at a launch event at London’s Conway Hall today, BBC director general Tony Hall said: “I want to put the arts centre stage at the BBC. I strongly believe that the arts should be for everyone with more prime time arts content on the BBC.”


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and you can watch a video of Johnny Vegas attempting to use a pottery wheel at the event here:


PF Events technically manage Conway Hall and installed all audio, lighting, AV and video camera recording system (with live internet broadcast capabilities) equipment at the venue.

PF also provided the BBC with additional equipment in addition to the in-house kit including video cameras, seamless video switching and other AV, Midas Pro 2 mixing console, band microphones, comms, extra lighting and technicians.