London Thinks @ Conway Way

London thinks is an event series that focuses on original thinking and thought provocation. The topics discussed in these live debates bring forth new ideas on real issues, and then bring the discussion to the audience in a question and answer session. It brings together academics and top thinkers to share, discuss and debate their way of thinking.

These events are held in Conway Hall, one of the many venues technically managed by PF Events.

Buying and Selling Sex:-

One of the more recent London thinks discussion in May 2015 was a controversial yet equally fascinating debate over the legalisation of the sex industry. Speakers included Margaret Corvid, a writer, activist and professional dominatrix, Fiona Broadfoot, who was exploited into prostitution at the age of 15, and Niki Adams, a spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution.


The event was a social media success, with the evening’s hashtag at the top of London's twitter trending list throughout the evening!

London Thinks uses the in-house equipment installed at Conway Hall by PF Events, including audio, lighting, AV and also a video camera recording system with live internet broadcast capabilities.


Find out what other London Thinks events are coming up on Conway Hall’s website!