Noise Management

Production of noise management plans, ambient noise level metering and on-site noise propagation for festivals and outdoor events

Our noise metering and analysing service is aimed at the event industry and we will produce a full assessment to ensure that your event or production is complaint free.

Noise pollution from events is increasingly being included in the licensing procedure. We will get involved in the early stages, producing a full noise management plan, detailing controls and solutions to your event’s noise related problems.

We don’t just restrict the noise level from a venue or outside event by turning the volume down, we concentrate on reducing unwanted spill whilst giving the audience the required sound level. This is achieved by designing bespoke sound system configurations that direct the sound to the audience area only and by utilising noise management software to control certain frequencies.

This holistic approach to noise management gives much better results than simply turning the volume down and allows satisfaction for both the audience and the council’s environmental officers.

A full report will be created at the end of your event that will include the sound levels throughout the day, any complaints received and the subsequent actions that were taken.

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