Indoor Staging Hire

Dressed stages for corporate events, conferences, award shows and brand events. Tiered concert stages and seating

We have built stages in all types of venues and situations, from the most sensitive, such as The Houses of Parliment and The Commonwealth Institute, to clubs and bars like Tiger Tiger and the Kentish Town Forum. All venues and events receive the same amount of care and attention to detail, CAD images can be produced for you and your clients on request.

Tiered rostra and seating for orchestral and choral performances can be built, along with all manner of stages, press platforms, disabled viewing platforms and catwalks.

We have a large stock of stage sets in various sizes and designs which are suitable for any corporate event. We also offer a custom set design service if a bespoke stage and set is required.

Utilising our stock of Steeldeck, we can create any shape or size of stage which can include ramps, handrails and steps to satisfy all access needs and health and safety requirements.

Truss ground support systems are a great way to enhance your stage and add rigging points to venues that don’t have any in-house. With several different systems in stock we can advise you on what best suits your event or venue.

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