Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustic modelling and sound system design for festivals, conferences, award shows and corporate events

PF Events provides various acoustics services which include:

  • Acoustic modelling of event sites and venues
  • Acoustic modelling of PA systems
  • Acoustic design of spaces to optimise building acoustics for live performances and events
  • Acoustic design of PA systems for optimum performance at a venue or outdoor event

Applications include:

  • Noise management and mapping for events and venues
  • Installations of PA systems in venues – Ensure that your install will be designed for optimum sound quality and coverage, hear how an install will sound in a simulation and compare configurations/types of sound system
  • Ensure that the audio equipment at your event is used effectively and professionally to its full potential
  • Highlight issues and manage problems before they occur in the real world
  • Enable engineers to fully design the sound for your event before even arriving at the venue
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy sound checks and rigging set ups, saving money and time
  • Gain confidence that all sound coverage/noise control will be thoroughly designed and managed before your event/in your venue and view a visual representation

Our experienced acoustic consultants can advise on acoustic optimisation of rooms, auditoriums and studios alongside providing soundproofing options and resources as well as performing the necessary works for the installation.

Using industry standard acoustic modelling software and reference microphones we can accurately measure and provide graphical modelling and audio simulation of venue acoustics, enabling clients to listen to ‘before and after’ results in advance of any work done.

Our PA system designers can produce designs which calculate exact rigging angles and loudspeaker positions. With these designs, you gain the best sound coverage and the correct processing to give the best sound quality.

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