3rd post

Having previous knowledge of design programs (CAD and SketchUp) I’ve been given the task of testing out my skills on some live projects and venues looked after by PF. Creating accurate plans using these programs in conjunction with Google Earth has been a little challenging, but I’m learning how to combine CAD and OS maps with earth images- then layering the two to lie flat with the terrain. I’ve also been translating AutoCAD drawings ofThe Royal Horticultural Halls, which PF Events technically manages , into a 3D scaled model, in order to drop lighting designs and proposals into the space, meaning PF can show their clients rendered images of what the space will look like prior to installing equipment.

Again, I’ve written another technical blog on Cardioid Sub Arrays, which took me a little while to get my head around, but finally got there! This was helped along by spending some time in the warehouse setting up D&B speakers and learning how to use an analog sound desk (next step is looking at a digital desk), and how to set levels for inputs- in this case some microphones. Once I’d stopped being scared of making some funny noises, it wasn’t too bad!